Global Economic Reset 2021

Our post global financial prices has instrumentation in financial markets. We have to have global participation and focused on Main Street and not just Wall Street for the entire world to recover. We must have mass employment on infrastructure and working with and not against “Mother Nature”.

A global reset for the entire world will begin one world with 9 zones as we do in communications and flow of information. Information is key to the entire world’s revitalization and motivation.

All continents which are separated by the oceans are about sustainability. The oil and gas sectors must learn to graduate into a more sustainable way of renewable resources. Across nations will we can be zoned across nations by space zones and cyberspace.

Prior to 2020 and Covid 19 we had influence which was phasing out such as wood, to oil and gas. Now, we are a work in progress and our new nuclear cold fusion and thorium power which comes from the earth working with molten salt. Hydrogen projects are medium and long term but we have to invest into electric and hydrogen fuel cell and powered aircraft. This is assisting us in the next 5 year projects.

Food, Water, Clothing, Shelter, Healthcare, and currencies are all required. For many locations public transportation to and from work is required. The currency movements work at two different levels now as to cut interest rate to zero and the major investment is usually interest rates. However, we are going into cyberspace crypto currencies and this will assist in currency markets in the developed work and world.

In emerging markets we shall have some sharp resets with cutting interest rates with taking risk in emerging markets such as Argentina, and South America. Currencies play a role in our future with our debt burdens which we will all need to reset at zero and begin again globally in 2021 future currencies as one economic reset.

The cooperation of all nations and locations of humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We are sharing technologies now and we appear to be in a cold war situation and a matter of national security. Corporations become appropriated and in the last thirty years. We have to look at how much can we all cooperate and restrict from space. There is now the knowledge of Space Force and moving onto the moon and Mars as catalyst for moving forward.

Inequality to education, work skills, and setting up a new normal for those who simply cannot work due to disabilities, illness, and/or family burdens of hereditary states in physical ailments.

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