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About Us~ ACE Folklife Hobbyist Association dba Ascension Center Education Hawaii with Dr. Sasha A Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin

Lazlo has taken on the time to be our Custodian for our Natural Love of our Hawaii Lemurian Ancient Get Away for friends who want to spend a day touring the walk in the jungle. JUNGLE BEACH TOURS of the TJ Thurmond Enterprises of HAWAII.

JANET KIRA LESSIN ~ Manager of Ascension Center Network Website in Maui, Hawaii at the Main Ascension Nature to Nurture Water Retreat for our Writers.

Big Island of Hawaii – Volcano Tours and Dolphin Tours is part of our ACE Folklife Nature Walks for Hawaii Tourists.

Tommy Hawksblood – Chairman of the Hawaii ACE Folklife Archivists & Book Club of Authors, Creators, Educators.

Dr. Alexander Phillip (Sasha)Lessin, Ph.D. Doctor in Anthropology and master’s in psychology from California is a great Counselor and Philosopher.

TJ Morris Founder Ascension Center Organization aka ACO, TJ Morris tm ACIR sm, TJ MORRIS ET RADIO

ACO CLUB – Professional Association




WEBINARS for 2012 are planned for training certification in various levels of the metaphysical institute disciplines with various instructors who share certification programs for new members in our ASCENSION AGE PSYCHIC AWAKENING CLASSES.

We are about to share the future with STARGATE TO THE COSMOS !  Are we sharing each other as part of an overall program controlled by our other self?

Ascension Center Network of Friends ~ Janet, TJ, Tommy Power of 3 Sharing the future with others at the STARGATE TO THE COSMOS!

ET Disclosure, Alien ET UFO Community a reality or virtual reality doppelganger?

People want to believe that they are going to be visited by alien UFOS. Some believe that they are ET creations. The future will bring us closer to cloning humanoids that will share our lives but they will have no soul. We are being programmed to share the future in virtual reality. Who is writing the programs? Is it us as in critical mass minds or global brain? Are we those who we share the parallel universes with as our own doppelgänger?

Maybe we are supposed to share our views and perceptions in this life whether those in charge of our various governments want us too or not. Maybe they are programming us for that which we are to accept over time which they are creating fifty to one hundred years into the future. I at this point in my life cannot be sure we are all. This all could be virtual reality much like that of what we escape too in fantasy with our movies made in Hollywood. I believe in living a life daily with family and friends however, I now spend time on the Internet daily. More and more people are contacting me in this world and I am being sent more and more websites to view. People want us to know what they find in their internet research as the surf and browse the Internet. We are calling others our friends on social networks, but are they? We must learn to discern and yet we all have a human nature to share our lives with others.  Many of us seem to be in deeper exploration of who we are to become while here in a body-mind-spirit having a birth-life-death experience together.

My time in one day just doesn’t seem to allow me to do all I need to get done with family and friends much less find time to do research and expand my conscious awakened awareness of the entire world and all those who are in it. Time seems to be speeding up the older I become. I now wonder sometimes if this is the reality of my life or the virtual reality of my other self in a parallel universe. What if we are all one of two beings sharing an alternate spacetime reality somewhere else? How do we explain this other than extraterrestrial time travelers? Maybe we are not supposed to know what is on the other side of our reality. We can only see what is in front of us. We say we can sometimes look in the rear view mirror but only if we have one to look through like holding a mirror or  looking in the rear view mirror when we are driving a vehicle which has one to use.  Time as we know it is changing. Words that we thought we understood are changing. Ontology and etymology are changing as is our history of who we are, who we thought we were, and how we thought the world was learned about in our history books we used in our schools. It’s time to change since we are now in cyberspace communication with a digital world.  The whole world is changing and now after 12-21-12 we can all share the Ascension Age of raising consciousness to the whole brain thought processing while we learn to clone ourselves in space.

What if the ET disclosure we have desired on this planet is all about graduating to a level of acceptance among us all? What if we are all too simply realize we all are aliens to this planet. There are many people who believe that because they can close their eyes and go deep inside into a place in deep space some call transcendental meditation or remote viewing that they can experience ET and alien UFOs. Is this how we manifest what we are all seeing in the skies overhead? Some people want me to believe as they believe. Some want to share that we can already accept our world inside our own minds as a part of physical reality.

We are all sharing the fun we create now for us all regarding the social network of the Alien ET UFO Community. Our American culture an ET disclosure as the Alien ET UFO Community will be met with the usual disbelief and ridicule before accepted as a sub-culture of our own humanity with the understanding of who we are based on those who visit this planet in spacecraft not of earth origin.

Some of us have been paranormal writers in the past, but not while we held positions of responsibility in positions of business and government affiliations.

Things change and so do our perceptions, memories, feelings and emotions. While we are all learning to get along with each other in our ever-expanding mind and world, we begin to think more. We see more, do more, have more, think more, feel more, and describe more in the world of communication.

We who are now a part of the work and pleasure world in the virtual reality education learning laboratory also known as the VREL Lab have learned that the Internet as the web in cyberspace has become a valuable resource and tool.

So have the social networks which bind us all together in telecommunications to the Internet.

The future will deal with the communication of cosmology, as well as the changing thoughts of how we think we know based on our own perceptions and views of who we are, what we are, where we are, and where we shall go when we leave this planet.

The message I have been inspired to share in the past in cyberspace is that Alien Civilizations Exist and ACE Folklife. I still share that alien civilizations exist and that the ACE Folklife Club will pursue the various groups who desire to share research with the ACIR as the Alien Contact Investigations Research Group.

We share various social networking tools and are now considered a part of the social media which has become an open source based on all the information we willingly agree to share with everyone in the world who can tap into the force we now call the source of all information we are willing to share in cyberspace.

We who are willing to share our information and research are basically all called writers. We break this down into being known as content which bloggers share, as well as writers of articles. Those who enjoy submitting articles are now called contributors and some are still labeled authors in some programs.

Those of us who are known to be writers of the paranormal are a part of the American culture. Gods and false gods have been a part of our American culture whether in folklore, legends, and myths or philosophy, theology, anthology, and religions or in our own minds. We share a common trait of exerting energy to think. “I think therefore I am”, is a common thread of thinking among our culture.

We will all welcome the changes to occur that include brain training and the social spiritual paranormal movement which will replace the New Age called the Ascension Age which officially begins 12-21-12.

Stick around and participate in life, as we begin our future of live in love and light. Art, culture, education will inspire us all to become more than we are today and we will watch and define the new way we can all share in the future while we learn to accept each other’s differences while remaining in integrity while we search out our own moral dilemma among the ones who share all the various ways one can label one’s own self while we attempt to raise our higher consciousness to accept that more people will adopt the ways of the paranormal into the spiritual community. It’s a part of our future we cannot ignore any longer.

A main concern for our Alien ET UFO Community regarding the acceptance of the paranormal as part of the critical mass way of thinking and being is the fact that our future children will not be able to distinguish fact from fiction. Love and Light TJ

Promotions – Current Promotions

TJ Morris Ascension Age

STARGATE TO THE COSMOS Conference & Spiritual Symposium

Taken Up in Ascension Age

By TJ Morris

Alien ET UFO Community – TJ Morris ET Shares Stargate to the Cosmos 2012

TJ Morris “TAKEN UP” series is now about acting in the present 3D in time.

Sharing the extraterrestrials experiences that mean so much to those who come as messengers to share those who are concerned about the sustainability of our species and planet is why TJ believes she has returned after death to this world.

TJ will be sharing the various levels and dimensions in our universal order inside the multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse as the 7 heavens in the cosmos. We will be learning more not just from the historical observations but those which are certainly co-created within ourselves which TJ calls the Essence Energy of our own spirits that are connected to our soul in another “Mirrored” place in space out in the cosmos. This observation is from her own experiences in levels of existence in space.

Those who have been observing how her own prophecies and visions have come true in the last five years are seeing that there is something to that which we create in our own minds. TJ shares that we are about to learn in neuro-science about brain training and how our brains work to the full extent as whole brain thinking. TJ has shared that we are now about left brain and right brain and we will be connecting new neurons to create the threads inside our own minds to become whole brained individuals with greater awakened awareness as a DNA changing species who are the caretakers of this planet.

There is more information to come in order that our best scholars at the PhD level can understand the new spiritual science of the ascension age. The world is changing while we uncover the prior history on earth which is being unearthed as we discover our past beginnings which were only thought to be myths.

One thing we can do with each other is share communication of information online in cyberspace on the Internet, for instance; Google is now about “Don’t Be Evil!” This is now common knowledge of those who use the Cyberspace Browser and other features of the main search engine in cyberspace. We are tuning into the social networks which include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and we have another main browser called Yahoo.

Bing is now using Yahoo as is ATT. Therefore, for search engine optimization among web developers TJ wants everyone to know to be sure and learn about the webmaster tools available to all who have websites.

We are in the most exciting year of our lives which is 2012. The day December 21, 2012 at 11:11 universal time marks our future as time that creates a new beginning for us all!

TJ Morris also known as the UFO Digest Contributor for almost five years is sharing her voice as support of the Alien ET UFO Community in various ways including a new talk show on the radio. TJ will be sharing the future in 2013 with her friends in the Ascension Age who are interested in assisting in the new ways of sharing the future on the Internet Online in Cyberspace. TJ has followed the life of the Internet since the inception and has worked to share this remarkable communication of cosmology in various ways as an Ambassador of Goodwill with a message.

TJ’s consistent message has been that “Alien Civilizations Exist!” She calls this the ACE of 2012. TJ shares that we are about the change of our entire species on this planet and some of us are sharing the awakened awareness of our own soul’s purpose as spirit in this time as our mission.TJ has a history not only on earth but in space and is in this day and time called an Alien ET Hybrid. TJ has now realized she can assist others on this planet by sharing the ET after her own name as TJ Morris.

TJ has been asked to assist Janet Lessin of Maui, HawaiiUSA with co-creating the Stargate to the Cosmos Conference and Spiritual Symposium in 2012 for all those who may need to know what our Alien ET UFO Community is all about as Spiritual Science. We are going to ask various friends to join in a fun time with guides, teachers, life coaches, authors, web masters, tantra masters, avatar ascension masters, scientists, engineers, physicists, psychologists, historians, communication specialists, healers, physicians, and the new prepost ET insight meditation practitioners. We will share the efforts of those who access linguistic processing to preserve and protect from molecular degeneration of brain matter.

We will share how best to choose our time that we share together on earth and what we shall co-create in the future of humankind on earth with those who came before as extraterrestrials.

We in the ACE Folklife Historical Society of Archivists on the Internet in Cyberspace have joined forces in an alliance with other organizations by sharing our similar interests with TJ Thurmond Morris, a contributor to UFO for almost five (5) years.TJ was born Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris in Monroe, Louisiana, USA. TJ is an experiencer with contact of those whom she calls Extraterrestrials as ET which we have learned about in various ways.

TJ shared that in her life she has been visited as a child, teen, adult, parent, professional investigator, government employee, with family and friends, in various states in the United States. Theresa Janette now prefers to be called by her initials as TJ because it is easier to remember and type on the computers and iphones.

There are changes occurring in the future and TJ is one of the mover shakers who are welcoming the change. There are many people in the world and TJ has set about creating a new social network for those who are serious about knowing her and the ways of those who have given her a mission and task on earth called “ASCENSION CENTERS”.

TJ now shares messages with her friends on the radio show which she has begun 6 days a week Tuesday through Sunday at 7 PM on

TJ is sharing in co-creations with others in the Alien ET UFO Community which is not only comprised of individuals but various small businesses of entrepreneurs coming together to co-create the Stargate to the Cosmos Conference and Spiritual Symposium to discuss their interests with those who may not be familiar with all that will change in the future. Stargate to the Cosmos will have speakers such as Stanton T. Friedman, Len Kasten, Janet Lessin, and Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin, PhD. Of Anthropology and Masters in Psychology and TJ. The dates are now set for Oct. 29 thru Nov 4 with a Halloween Party Meet and Greet Scheduled for all attendees at the Wasaya Conference Center in Fort McDowell, at the Radisson Hotel in Scottsdale outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

If you are interested in promoting your books and becoming a speaker and giving a workshop please contact Stargate to or let TJ know on her Radio show at 347-945-7207 7 central time or 8 eastern time. TJ welcomes speakers to participate in order to further sharing the awakened awareness of the synergy we are co-creating together. Everyone is invited. TJ has been a contributor to UFO Digest for 5 years Aug 7, 2012.,


Aliens and UFOs

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