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American Communications Online offers various virtual resources for your remote business at home. Timely Manor Books is an imprint of our company American Communications Online. https://wordpress.com/post/tjmorrisreporter.com/187


If you would like to contact us about your life project for sharing your life and being in our Independent Authors Club please contact our Agent, Theresa J Morris.



To join a group in our community please refer to this link and the monthly dues


All you need is a desire to create and persistence. We will assist you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Everyone these days has an advantage if living in North America.

We also have a further advantage if we live in the United States of America.

We can claim “Made in the USA” on our products and creative services in cyberspace.

Personal Lie Coach Evaluations 55+ as we begin to arrange for our twilight years.

You have a voice and want to share your story.

Radio is a good sway to do this.

 Many authors begin writing their own book alone.

Many have no idea where to begin.

This is the journey to learning.

The first stop on your life is completing an original work.

How to move forward one can use a guide.

ACO Club offers guidance.

We specialize in niche genres.

Biography of individuals is where many over 50 years of age begin looking back.

What has been accomplished in 50 years of their life on planet earth?

Each person is a storyteller.

We all are the author of our own life story.

Timely Manor Books is our Imprint for our books.

Our Company Brand is for both allegorical and factual books.

Paranormal romance is how we began.

Spiritual Science


“We are the authors of our own life stories!”

First Author was my natural birth mother.

She later in her last days as a writer for journals, newspapers, magazines left her book to her family. She later ask me to take one copy and add it to our new business and seeded me $100.00 to keep our family legacy up as writers. She also asked me to become an electronic book publisher. Mother told me in her last days that this was her dying wish that I take care of myself and to publish ebooks. The TImely Manor Books Imprint was the last Imprint she approved for our Family. She also had approved the ACE Folklife Historical Society and the ACO Ascension Center Organization in her lifetimes.

Tess Thomas born Theresa Mae Bolton (1932 – 2011) married my father Nathaniel Burton Thurmond, (1931-2011) later divorced and married Charles E. Thomas.

Thomas Ray Morris, (1959-2015) was our first independent author and was an original power of 3 with my mother and myself. We three began our American Communications Online. We began our first ACO Book Store/

Tom and his sister opened the store in Beaver Dam, Kentucky (2013-Jan 2015) Tom passed away December 2, 2015. Tom became ill 2013 and we shut the doors in 2014. We began a year in hospitals and his legacy lives on in his book Spy Games. We printedour books through lulu.com as independents. I personally financed the store and Deborah Docker was Store Manager and managed the books. We dissolved it due to Tom’s health.

 The basic story goes for an indpendent author adding books online as ebooks, and possibly a trade book 6 x9 to participate in our events for speakers they purchase copies at the creators price and resell in person.

We have several publishers of books in our ACO Association which has been created by Theresa J Thurmond Morris among her chosen friends in social media and on her radio shows. Some have their own Publishing Brand and do print on demand which is how most all o us began as independent publishers online when book publishing was over taken by Jeff Bezos and Amazon. That is a story each author should research. Just a suggestion on how Amazon changed the publishing and book distribution industry not just in the USA but the entire world.

The average story goes with being discovered as an upcoming independent author is best noticed in our science fiction and fantasy genres at our events for various authors.

As an independent and once selling about 15K copies which can be proven, we then begin marketing with you to define the best way to move forward with your future .

We work with you to plan and sustain your goals. We can have a weekly meeting and/or a monthly meeting for your groups and associations.

Financial Planning. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with your attorney, accountant, and other trusted professionals to deliver a comprehensive strategy that leverages everyone’s expertise.

Working together, we can help you develop a complete, tailored strategy to help you achieve your financial goals. (850) 376-9100

Published by TJ Morris Agency - UAP.associates also see TJMorrisReporter.com

tjmorrisagency@gmail.com, tjmorrisamerican@gmail.com, TJMorrisReporter.com, TJMorrisETRadio Host on Blogtalkradio.com/tjmorrisetradio, Author on Amazon and Lulu. Theresa J Thurmond Morris, historian, archivist, psychic. ACIR, ACO, ACE, Member SPJ.org, Senior Journalist, Ufologist, American Writer-Researcher-Videographer - Family Origins Who's Who in America Project. Philanthropic Painters In the Moment Events. We share Audio/Video Archiving. We help get the facts as ACIR. Assured Confidential Investigative Reports, OSINT, when needed as information services. TJ Morris Agency is currently for creative writers. We do genealogy- "LIFE STORIES from White Paper to Digital. Hosting Guide-Video Train or Explain Executive Speaker, Blockchain Regulations, Developer and Go Daddy Pro Board, C Panel Provider for Small Businesses. Author-Speaker-Journalist-Reporter.Reader-American Communications Online, TJ Morris Media News Publishing Educational Entertainment Agency. Advanced Communications Agency an international trade group for ACO BRANDING Marketing and Manufacturing MADE IN USA and INDIA - uap.associates for TJ Morris ACO Set UP Expert, ACO Resource Pool Association of Website Developers offering various services in products to small businesses internationally including websites, domain names, hosting, design, podcasting, apps, and more to have an excellent web presence. TJ Morris Agency has media news publishing Since 1998 renews 2004 with GoDaddy. ACEFolklife unincorporated cooperative, and Ascension Church Ohana filing 501(c) 3 for Ascension Center Organization, Theresajmorrisministries for spiritual science esoterics, metaphysicians Nature to Nurture Whole Life Living. Brands are ACO, TJ Morris dba ACIR. Small business owner is woman veteran in Gulf Breeze, FL USA. Radio Station Owner of ACO and ACIR 24 hour Stations. Host of TJ Morris ET Radio, Member Society of Public Journalists, Member Broadcast Music Inc., Producer, Songwriter. BlogTalkRadio.com/tjmorrisetradio. Book Author on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu.com. webmaster, wordpress administrator, blogger, audio and video creator. Speaks on Qualia, UFO Association, Mysteries, Researches Psychic Phenomena, alienology, cosmology, phenomenology, spirituality, UAP-goes by TJ shares outreach in radio broadcasting with ACO Club -UFO Association Organization a department of American tjmorrisreporter.com, TJ Morris American Communications Online. ACO Professional Association Brands ACO -ACIR - TJ Morris - ACE Folklife, Ascension.Center, TJ Morris Radio Ascension Psychic. https://acirradio.com/ Join TJ MORRIS A RESOURCE POOL INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY for Digital Online Audio/Video Web Presentations. TJ Morris Agency has joined Resource Pool to share an online experience in both social and website presence at it's fullest potential in 2020. We offer OPEN SOURCE, as well as, Training in Education in our Ascension.Center and American Communications Online Broadcasting Company and for our charities we share TheresaJMorrisMinistries. Ascension Center Ohana Psychic University shares Psychic University Project, Psychic Channel Network, Books on Ascension Age, TJ Morris Publishing, SSLTechnician, Webmaster, Domain Reseller . See our YOU TUBE CHANNELS .

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